Friday, December 7, 2012

Day Seven of Shrines for Mary

Our Lady of Lourdes
I Am the Immaculate Conception


The box is lined with pages from a vintage French novel
as well as the sheet music of 'Heaven'.
The statue of Mary is a replica of the 
statue at Lourdes : "I am the Immaculate Conception' -
the name that 
She revealed to Bernadette, the shepherdess
whom saw Her in the apparition of brilliance and Light. 

The tiny kneeling saint doll holds a miniature wooden rosary with an image of 
Saint Bernadette on. 
You may know that one of the instructions of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette was that people are to approach this sacred place of healing water, 
on their knees.

In the background is a handmade tarot card of The Sun Card no 19,

with a miniature golden statue of The Madonna.
Two other images are in the box, depicting the Virgin as the Sun.

The box stands on four round feet filled with wooden rosary beads and a blue rose, 
the symbol of the Madonna. 

The box is framed with gold chandelier beads and gold tassels.
 One gold chandelier bead is hanging from Mary's hands,
depicting the Grace that flows forth from Her.

The crown on top is a wooden crown covered in pure gold leaf.



  1. This is wonderful Hettienne. What a great shrine. It's amazing what you can do with the boxes. Excellent work. Beautiful Mary. Have a great day and thank you.

  2. I love the symbolism in this one,it's beautiful and with deep value and meaning attached.I agree with shines!

    Blessings to you too Hettienne,

  3. my goodness such an exquisite shrine!

  4. To make a shrine is an act of holiness. To listen to the one who speaks is an act of devotion.

    Mary in Disguise

  5. I love the close-ups of all the details, especially the chandelier beads and the dainty, gold-leaf crown.

  6. So much time and love put into this shrine...
    your devotion is easy to see♥

  7. Ah, so intricate and beautiful--and made in sacredness by your loving hands.

  8. Much thought and love and prayer obviously went into the making of this shrine.

    Last Night’s Tea Flowers

  9. So much to take in with this shrine - it's beautiful, Hettienne!


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