Monday, December 10, 2012

Tenth day of a shrine for Mary

This tenth day of a Shrine a Day for Mary
I offer you the
Our Lady of Fatima shrine.

A handmade clay grotto chapel,
porcelain statue, porcelain roses, porcelain doves
beads and lilies made of cloth

and the words of
Andrew Harvey from The Return of the Mother

The old version of Mary as passive and submissive is a lie.
Look deeply at the story and you see in it a woman of immense
strength, surrendered to God, but not submissive;
humble, patient, tender, infinitely focused on and
burning with real love, but never passive.  

The Mother and her Son came to show us a revolutionary new way
of enacting and witnessing love in action in the world,
not simply to alleviate suffering, but to conspire with the
inner will of grace to change everything and to transform this world.

And this is why Mary has been appearing with such regularity over the last
150 years - because she cares, and cares absolutely
and passionately;
she cares personally and with a tremendous 
suffering intimacy for the future of humanity and of the planet.

She has again and again said that she is the Mother of all human beings,
the universal Queen of Peace.

Please visit Rebecca at
for these last few days of sharing
in the Pilgrimage of Mary, the divine feminine in 
everything and everyone.



  1. Such a lovely shrine, Hettienne! xx

  2. It is the peaceful, compassionate nature of Mary that draws me.

  3. So delicate and feminine...and your words...oh, perfectly put♥

  4. Beautiful shrine for Mary. Very nice. Thank you.

  5. Universal Queen of peace. Yes, the world needs still to be transformed. This is a lovely image. It brings to mind softness, stillness, and peace.

  6. Divine post and photos of Our Lady ~ magnificent porcelain ~ Wow! ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^

  7. such powerful words about the strength of Our Blessed Mother! I love the medium used for Mary and the more humble medium of the grotto. so fitting!

  8. I feel like I can reach out and touch her--and porcelain roses always remind me of my own mom. Andrew Harvey's words are amazing.

  9. Ah....she is a little beauty and the words fit just perfectly.
    Lovely post Hettienne!

  10. you truly know how to shrine the divine!


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