Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pilgrimage of Mary - day five

A travelling altar or the altar of a traveller

a plastic statue painted to make it my own

a wooden cigar box

an opportunity to exchange time for a moment in eternity
as she contemplates the
sacred heart of her Beloved

the familiar and comforting feel
of the rosary beads
evokes the memory
japa mala
on distant shores

a bundle of holy cards
one image
speaks a thousand words
as Christ the High Priest
initiates the heart into blossoming
within and without

a brooch
to take the lingering sweet fragrance 
of the morning's meditation
as she sets out on her travels
wearing the sacred heart
on the altar of the body

om prema
a Hindu blessing that means in uncondititional love

the blessings of the Mother's unconditional love on your travels today
wherever you may go


  1. This is so lovely - I love altars you take with you.

  2. What a lovely meditation. Thank you for your travel blessings today.


  3. Stunningly beautiful altar - you have certainly given new life to this statue!


  4. Who would have thought that a plastic virgin could be imbued with so much spirit?

  5. You have such devotion and your work is so creative. It never occurred to me to paint over some plastic virgins that I've picked up at garage sales. I'll do that soon. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Absolutely perfect.
    Your words only add to the drama and the beauty and the mystery♥

  7. Your words raised my spirts, thank you. You put a lot of love into your work, I love your cigar box. Very nice.

  8. you have such an eye for how to take a plain plastic statue and make it precious!

  9. Such a wonderful wantder through your shrine - om prema - right back at you!

  10. this is a gift of supreme love.

  11. Your beautiful tribute kindles memories of my former catholicism. I still honor and adore Mary, Mother of God. Thank you for this.

  12. So lovely to wander through your blog and all of your beautiful shrines that you have posted this week. Enjoying the color and sweetness of them all, Hettienne!!

  13. Breath-taking post, Hettienne. I've spent more than a little time here this evening.


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